Concerts and Workshops

Timna Mayer has initiated numerous creative projects for both Ithaca College and Cornell University. Her vision of creating a community of self-driven musicians by fostering integrative learning and self-education, has attracted a large number of students throughout the US and Austria.


    The Living Room Concert

The Living Room Concert Series, homage to Austrian composer Franz Schubert,  has been brought to life by Timna Mayer in 2017. Inspired by Schubert's house concerts "Schubertiade," students and faculty from Ithaca College gather once a month to celebrate their common passion for music. The motto of the concert series: "Less Concert. More Living Room." not only polarizes, but also attracts audiences of any age, music preference, or background. 



            Violin Boot Camp

Every other month, violin professors from both Ithaca College and Cornell University gather to offer their students a free violin boot camp. The idea behind this project is to provide practice strategies for students that will enable them to practice their technique and repertoire efficiently. Set up in different stations/rooms, each professor covers one specific technical aspect of violin playing. The number of players in each group varies from 5-15. 


Workshop: Strategic Practice

Located at Ithaca College, this workshop provides an opportunity for string players to get together and develop innovative practice methods in a group setting. Having had extensive experience in teaching group classes for the past year, Timna Mayer has decided to provide workshops outside the class room setting to expand her audience. The goal of this workshop is to foster self-driven, innovative thinking and practice. For more information on dates and sign up, contact Timna Mayer